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Keeping The Faith – A Photographers Story on 9/11

Faith. It’s an element of my work that continues to surface, from project to project. Not only in the stories I choose to pursue, but also in my philosophy and approach to shooting.

On this, the sixteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I thought I would reprint an earlier post describing what happened to me with my project Empty Sky—The Pilgrimage To Ground Zero.  It was an e…Read On…

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Color vs. Black and White: The Winner is You

If you know me and my work you know that I’m a fan of black and white photography. Simply put, black and white is awesome.

But I think I forget about the power of black and white photography and I should know better.

I have spent thousands of hours in darkrooms breathing in toxic chemicals just so I could communicate what I saw in beautiful tones of gray. Great landscapes take o…Read On…

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The Essential Art of Concentration in Street Photography

The one big thing that stuck with me from the days of film was to trust my intuition.

There were no review screens.

I had to try a little harder, particularly in the genres of street and action photography where much was out of my control.

Did I get it?

The moment, the focus, the composition–so many elements to a successful image and if I missed any of them the image woul…Read On…

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Steve Simon-Chaos That Perseveres

Interview by Larry Frolick for Raw View #8, a magazine on contemporary documentary photography.

You oppose two archetypes in this photo of the Democratic Convention. Rebel vs. Hero. The seem weary—are we getting tired of the old masculine roles?

SS. In the United States people are choosing sides, putting on the label and staying in the pen they’ve chosen. I noticed how similar the…Read On…

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