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Havana in December 2017 – No Sonic Booms; Still A Mecca For Photographers

I have the good fortune of traveling to Cuba on a regular basis. It’s an amazing place, especially for a street photographer intent on capturing authentic moments in a place rich in street life and culture. I have produced seven workshops their with my partner Juan Carlos Ocana and each one has been a glorious success building on the one before. Our Havana workshops have allowed us to…Read On…

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Be A Winning Photographer (Even If You Lose) Photography Contests

Hurray for me.

I entered a few photo competitions this year and was a finalist in the Days Japan contest and had work selected for publication in the American Photography Book. See the winners here.

One of the images selected for the American Photography Book 33. It was particularly difficult for me to figure out which photos to enter since I shot thousands during the conventio…Read On…

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Our Photographic Future Is Bright

We are in beautiful Tokyo at maybe the most magical time of the year, the beginning of Spring when the Cherry Blossoms bloom.

It’s a sign that after a really rough winter there better days to come. It is a time of optimism and this photograph shot at Shinjuku Gyoen Park in Tokyo made me feel especially optimistic for my passionate pursuit of photography.

For the photo indust…Read On…

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