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$ 200.00$ 1,900.00

Get the expert advice and insight you need to take your photography to the next level.

From the desk of  Steve Simon:

I know from experience good constructive feedback has made me a better photographer. I say it all the time… along with the metadata included with every digital image file, the emotional metadata we attach to our images makes it difficult, if not impossible, for us to be truly objective when making crucial decisions in the digital darkroom or in the curation of a portfolio.

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Pay a deposit of $ 20.00 per item

All photographers, even at the highest levels, benefit from a second set of eyes—helping them to see themes, strengths, weaknesses and that elusive “style” that sets our work apart. That style is revealed in the work you do, but it’s not always so obvious to the photographer. For years I’ve been fielding requests from photographers who want me to critique their work, to give them honest feedback on their photographs, and ultimately provide suggestions on how they can move forward. This feedback is essential in the evolution of a photographer’s creative vision, workflow, and technical prowess and I’m really excited to finally offer this service online.

In every session I will give you the benefit of my experience—providing honest evaluation with constructive criticism—all in the name of helping you take your work to the next level. A consult such as this is really a collaboration as we both analyze and discuss your work, for an enlightening and highly rewarding experience.

My background is primarily in documentary and street photography but I appreciate and love most genres of photography: from landscape to wildlife, portraits to macro, nudes to infrared, sports to street, photojournalism to conceptual—I am obsessed with all facets of photography.

Through well thought out and articulate feedback I can help you to squeeze the very best out of every photographic opportunity.

Maybe you’re looking to create your strongest portfolio, for your website, print sales or to thrive as a freelance photographer; maybe you need help with your workflow or have some technical challenges you want to overcome. No matter what issues you’re facing with your photography I’m here to help.

These sessions will benefit new photographers looking to build on a solid foundation as well as professionals needing career advice, guidance and direction.

A one (1) hour Skype consultation will cut to the chase and provide thoughtful, relevant and practical answers with actionable take-aways so you can start making better photographs right out of the gate. I have limited availability and sessions are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you’ve purchased a session or package you will receive a receipt/confirmation email with a link with instructions on how and where to submit your images. After I have had time to review your work, we will schedule a Skype call and we’ll walk through my feedback together via screen-sharing on Skype.

Programs and Fee Schedule

One-hour Skype Consultation ($200—up to 20 images)
Three-Month Program ($500—up to 20 images/mo., 60 images total); monthly one-hour Skype Consultations (3 in total)
Six-Month Program ($1000—up to 20 images/mo., 120 images total); monthly one-hour Skype Consultations (6 in total)
One-Year Mentorship ($1,900—up to 20 images/mo., 240 images total); monthly one-hour Skype Consultations (12 in total)
Portfolio Review ($500—up to 150 images). I will select the 30 strongest photographs and I’ll explain my decision making process); one-hour consultation

Project Consultation

As a passionate believer in theme and story-oriented project work, I can help edit and sequence your projects offering an unbiased assessment and a plan for completion and a best strategy for moving forward.

Email me a detailed information on your project and your request to  and I will work out an estimate. With project consultation I also provide reasonable follow-up support and advice via email/voice call.

If you are a photographers looking to grow your craft then I’m confident you’ll benefit from a critique or review session.

Note: For the first session I provide a 100% quality guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied you will receive a full refund.